Homework for

October Guild Meeting

For our Learning Cables lesson: 

With a plain color, worsted weight yarn and your favorite needles for it:

Cast on 27 and knit in K3, P3 ribbing. 


You can use your newly acquire Norwegian purl expertise to cast on in pattern!

The RIGHT side has knits at the beginning and end. 

After row 5, which should be a right side row, work these rows:

Row 6 (ws): p4, k1, p17, k1, p4

Row 7 (rs): k4, p1, k17, p1, k4

Row 8 (ws): p4, k1, p17, k1, p4

Leave them on your needle, and your homework is complete!

Depending on your cast on, you might have 4 rows before the right side row. No problem. 

If you are short on time, knit 3 rows of ribbing before row 6.


If you have the homework from last month:

Cast on 3 stitches at the end of a row.  Knit a right side row—knit 3 at each side.

Then begin with Row 6 above.

If you used DK, you’ll still be fine.

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