"Stash Buster" Sale Event

At our January regular meeting ... Thursday Jan. 13th,

we will have our annual... "Stash Buster" Sale

Last year...well back in 2020 (pre-COVID)...was a huge success so we're going to do it again!!!


So start going through your stash(s) of yarn, your extra needles, crochet hooks, books and patterns and find those items that you are okay to part ways with.  This is a good time to clean out your stash -- and make room for new yarn you just got during the holiday season!   



  • Only members of BBKG can sell. 

  • Anyone can buy. 

  • Items allowable to sell include yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, books and patterns.  

  • NO mugs, chocolate or candy, candles, etc. 

  • Cash only sales. 

  • Have items priced before the sale starts.  Full $ amounts (no $2.50)

  • No negotiations during the sale.

  • Anything left over must be removed from The REC by the seller.  No exceptions.   

  • Buyers & sellers: Bring small dollars for change, we will not provide it.