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Events Payment & Refund Policy

Bluebonnet Knitting Guild


Event Payment and Refund Policy


This payment and refund policy includes Knitapalooza and Bluebonnet Knitting Guild (BBKG) workshops.


  1. The BBKG must receive payment from the attendee for the entire cost of the event to reserve the attendee’s place at the workshop.

  2.  Once the designated number of spaces for the event are filled, a waiting list will be established for those interested.

  3. An attendee may not trade her/his space with another attendee without the prior approval of the BBKG President.

  4. An attendee cancelling her/his event reservation should notify the BBKG President or Treasurer by email. 

  5. If the notification of cancellation is 15 or more days from the date of the event, the attendee will receive a full refund from the BBKG. 

  6. If the notification of cancellation is 14 days or less from the date of the event, no refund will be given.

  7. If additional space or spaces become available, BBKG will begin to notify those on the waiting list.   

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